Where I have been

Last week, I had an english lesson at school. But i cant make it. I went to the  immigration office to take a photo for my passport. I will go to Amsterdam in July. So that, my passport will be finished on April. My mom picked me up at 12.30 PM, that's why i came late to the class. When i arrived at my class, Miss Wiwin was there. She said that we would move to another class because the projector in my class is broken. When we moved to XII Science 1, my mom blocked my way and asked me to go with her. But I said that I have to give the letter first to Miss Wiwin. But my mom said that the teacher on duty already asked someone to give the letter. After that, we went to the immigration office and arrived there at 1 o'clock. We finished at 3 PM. And then we went home after had some lunch.


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