I Can't Make it!

On August 26th, my school held an event that called World Tournament. It's an English event that make student talking in English along the event. It is a good event. They played so many games and all of the students have to dressed like a pirates. Every classroom had to choose on person to be the mascot of the class and we chose Ajay to be the mascot. All of my classroom member felt so tired but happy, Except me. 

I can't be there. I had another job as a party planner. I have to went to Le Delice Cafe for decorating my client party. It was a birthday party. I had to make a table manner and decor for four people. It started on 10 am and finished on  12 pm.

After that, I went back to my home. I finished my homework, had lunch, then I prepared myself to go to the ext event. at 1 pm I left from my house and went back to Le Delice cafe to tidy up my decoration and went to Noah's Bar Cafe as soon as possible. But, before I went to Noah's Barn, I went to The Panas Dalam cafe just to met my second father. He's not literally my second father. He's Pidi Baiq. I called him as my father because he turns into a lovable man when I'm around. He's a member of 1 of a big community in Bandung. He' known of his anger and power. But, he turns into a good man when he's beside me. I went there only for 30 minutes. Then I drove my car ASAP to Noah's Barn. But the road was so crowded and hectic. So, I reached Noah's Barn at 4 pm. I almost late. But my client haven't there, so I'm clear.

I was there from 4 pm - 11 pm. I was there with my family. my sister boyfriend and my senior, Kang Suy. We had a good time there even when we were doing our jobs. But, it was fun. So fun. My parents went home earlier than me. After the party closed, we celebrated my sister's friend birthday first. It was a simple surprise. A piece of cake with a bag of presents. But, it made him so happy. We left from Noah's Barn on 11.30 PM. It was a tired day buy it was paid by the unforgettable moment that i got.

I'll post some photos later. Wait for it!


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