What a horrible day!

One night, I was on the way to my friend's, Arin's farewell party . It was in Dago and my home is in Buah Batu. Because it quite far, i choose to order online taxi-bike than drive my car by myself cause there's no one in my home besides me. I didn't know where did my other family members gone. Suddenly, it was raining and the rain didn't stop after 1 hour. Arin keep called me up and sent me texts. She asked about my position and when will I reach the venue. But, I said that I was trapped in my house caused of the rain. She asked me to be hurry because the party won't start without me. i felt so guilty. I knew that our friends must be already there cause it was 7.30 PM and the party should starts at 7 PM.

So, I crashed the rain with my motorcycle. I scared but I still drive my motorcycle like crazy. Then I arrived at Intercontinental Hotel at 8.30. I called Arin almost 30 times, but she didn't answer it. I went to the ballroom and no one was there. I kept calling Arin up but she still didn't answer it. I felt so cold. My clothes was soaking wet and also my shoes. I messed up. Then, suddenly my phone rang. It was from Arin. I answered it within 1 second and start shouting at her,

" Where are you?! I called you for hundred times with a soaking wet body and you rejected my last call?!?! Where are you?".
"Wow, calm done, sweetheart. I'm on my room. 1524. Come here and let's fix everything." Said Arin.
"Okay, fine! Wait there. Don't go anywhere." I said.

I was so tired and angry. I got angry to myself cause I can't be the one who accompanied my best friend on our last meting day. I got upset on myself. What made me so stupid. I just think about it along my way to Arin's room. My mind was flied so high. I can't think about anything else. I've messed my day. I've ruined my day. And I've ruined my best friend's special day, too. "Good job, Jeanny." I told myself.

I was in front of room 1524 and I pressed the bell. The bell rang but no one is coming out. I pressed the bell once more but there's still no one. I rechecked the room number but it's already the right room.  Suddently, the door was clicking " Click". The door was unlocked and I saw Arin's innocent face.

" Helo there, come here." She said.
" Where's everyone? I thought You'll held a farewell party tonight." I asked.
" Yeah, sure. But not with you with a messy dress and a wet hair. Come in! We're already late"

After 30 minutes, We've done with everything. I've change my wet shirt with black backless long dress and a 5 inch gold high heels. Arin was with her blue gown and her silver flat shoes.

"We're ready!" She said with a high spirits.
"Yeah." I said. Then we laugh.

We walk down stairs then we reach the ballroom.

"Are you sure you're holding a party here? When I arrived here, there was no one here. I think the party might be held in the rooftop." I said.

Arin laughed so hard and spet into the ballroom. Once the door was opened, I heard a song.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Jeanny." Everyone sang that song. Then I realize that that night is my birthday. I forgot about my own birthday cause I've got a bad day from I woke up. Then I hugged her so hard.

" You've planned this, haven't you?" I asked her.
She laughed again " Of course I have. How can you forget your own birthday?" Asked her.
"It would take all night to be told." I said.
"Okay. We'll get time for that. Now, It's time to celebrate your birthday, Love!'

We laughed all night with all my friends. After all bad things that I've got during the day, God always have the best plan. Finally I know why there's no one in my home, why all of my friends ignored me, and why my boyfriend didn't text me back.

I was so glad to have everyone besides me. I was so happy to be the part of my family. And I was very glad to myself to have a boyfriend like him.


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