Leo's Vacation Plan

On day, I was in Leo's house. Then Leo's mother ask Leo about has she prepared her ticket yet. I guess it was for the end year vacation.

Jeanny :" Le, where will you go Le on this vacation?"
Leo : " To my grandpa house in Australia."
Jeanny :" Really? Cool! When will you go?"
Leo :" On December 24th."
Jeanny :" Have you booked you ticket?"
Leo:" No, I haven't."
Jeanny :" Go booked you ticket ASAP. The ticket is limited!"
Leo :"Yup of course. How about you, Jean? Where will you go in this holiday?"
Jeanny :" Going no where. My mom have to help my father in his office, My older sister still have to go to work until December 28th, ang my older brother already has his own plan for this holiday. Poor me, huh?"
Leo :" That's too bad. But, I guess you can come with me to Aussie if you want to."
Jeanny :" Really?!?! That's a good idea! I will ask about my mom permission later. I guess she would say yes! But Le, is your family okay with my existence?"
Leo :" For God sake, Jean. It'll be cool! And I think they'll love to have a holiday with you this year."
Jeanny :" Really? Thank you so much. You're my best best best friend!"
Leo :" You always say this thing when you want something."
Jeanny :" Hahahaha. You know me best, Lovely!"

Then I called my mom as soon as possible. And she said yes! So, me and Leo searched a flight ticket for her family, herself, and for me. While we were searching for tickets, Leo's mom passed. Then I said,

Jeanny :" Ma'am, Loe told me that she will go to Aussie with you and all of the family members. I told her that i will going no where then she asked me to go with her. Will it be okay? I don't want to disturb your family time. It's okay it I can't make it. I'll ask my other friends to accompanied me here."
Leo's mom :" Hmmm. I think it's okay. But, have you ask your mother permission?'
Jeanny :" Yes I have and she said yes."
Leo's mom :" Good. You're coming with us."
Jeanny :" Really?!? Thank you so much, Ma'am."
Leo's mom :" Yippyy. It's not a big deal, Darl."

Then, On December 24th, we assemble to Leo's house and we go to the airport together. The flight was on 2 PM, and in 1.30 PM we' were still on the way, but, we can made it. We visited Aussie for 12 days and it was a long journey but I loved it. I really love to go to Aussie with Leo's family.


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