How we meet accidently

170717/3 Senior High School

I was late. It was 06.45. Once my car reach the school gate, I hit the ground and ran as fast as i can. But, it was too late. The school gate was already closed 5 minutes ago. Then, I gave up. I just wait until 07.15 so the guard would open the gate.
Someone suddenly showed up. He is a boy and i think he is a first year student too, like me. But i didn't recognize him.

Farhan : " Oh God. Please. I have a math exam at 07.00. I can't wait until 07.15. Oh c'mon sir. Please open up the door!"

I smiled. Cause i know it won't make things better.

Jeanny : "Stop shouting. You won't make it. He would never open up the gate before 07.15. By the way, who are you? Are you a new student here?"
 Farhan : " Hi, I'm Farhan. Yeah, I'm new here. I'm a first year student. What's your name?"
Jeanny : " Jeanny."
Farhan : " Just Jeanny?"
Jeanny : " No. It's Jeanny Kartika Puspa Rosewaty. Long enough, huh?"
Farhan : " Yeah, haha. Which class are you in?"
Jeanny : " X Science 7. On the second floor."
Farhan : " God, Please. We're classmate, Jean."
Jeanny : " You're wrong. You must be wrong. "
Farhan : " No, it was written in my acceptance letter."
Jeanny : " Huh. Okay. Where are you from?"
Farhan : " I'm from Jakarta."
Jeanny : " Aha! You must be so famous, then. Do you have an Instagram account?"
Farhan : " Yeah, Sure. It is @FarhanFarhan_
Jeanny : " Done. Following me back, please."
Farhan : " Sure. Wow, It's look like you love photography."
Jeanny : " Hm.. Only on my spare time. I love sleep more than photography. How 'bout you?"
Farhan : " I love to read novels and maybe playing games."
Jeanny : " Haha. So common. Farhan, you were born on July 23th, 2002, right?"
Farhan : " Yeah. How do you know it?"
Jeanny : " Haha. It is written on your Instagram bio."
Farhan : " Oh haha. I see. When is your birthday?"
Jeanny : " It's on January 18th."
Farhan : " Hm.. A Capricorn girl is here!"
Jeanny : " hahha. yap."

Suddenly, the school gate was opened and the guard let us to go to our classroom. After we filled up the entry permission first, of course.  We walk into the classroom together and we become chairmate.

From that day, we became a good friends.


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