It's All About Me

I was a small girl who lived in Jakarta. On January 18th, 2002, I saw this beautiful world for the first time. I used to be a weak girl but time flies so fast. I'm so much stronger now. I can face my fears. I can face the world with problems inside it. I used to be a small girl but I'm growing up. Stronger than ever, smarter than ever, dan wiser than ever.

I know that people change. The whole world too. And there's nothing that i can do to stop that. I was confuse. But now i realize that we're the one who have to follow the world if we don't want to be rertarded. We meet new friends, we gain friends, but in the end we'll know whos is our true friends. Some people make friends only for advantages. They're not really need the friendship. They never really need us. That's why the left. But now, I'm glad that I'm here. Here in Bandung with everyone that i love. 

Bandung. Beautifuil place to go. A city that makes the citizen fall in love with everything inside it. Her, I found my first love. He isn't special. He just like the other boy. He's good but he's bad. He's clever but not deligent. We meet in Seven Junior High School. He's my senior. But he like friend to me. We usually study together and we hang out a lot. We told me that everything we feel in this world is our own suggestion.


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